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Welcome to - site under complete overhaul.  ALL files will be left where they are, so that all previous links work.
it's mainly a graphical overhaul.  After doing I felt it was time to rework my own.  Some links may not work yet, as I am building pages one at a time, and the graphics may be different from page to page, depending on my mood.

After Morrowind's Release, I needed a place to store my Mods off-computer, just in case, AND to share with anyone that is interested in any of them.  I try to be creative, and mainly do things to improve MY gaming experience, if others enjoy these changes too, that even better.

Here, you will find Mods and other works for various games.
Updates, there's no telling when anything will get updated, it takes time to do the things I do, and lots more time enjoying what I have made.

If you want to use one or two of these images for YOUR site, that's fine with me.  

Here's my Download Icons (128x128) that will be used as a Button next to any downloadable files from this site.
Next thing you'll want to have a single ZIP file for the whole pack.
Click the Floppy to download the ZIP file.

About Me;
     I am an artist, I started computer graphics just fixing a few images in Photoshop, then came Counter-Strike in 1998-1999.
I began texturing for that, then Morrowind, and many other games.  Since then, I've worked on graphics for use on the web, corporate letters and logos, drafting (classic pencil), proposal images (picture of your pool in the yard, before even signing a contract), and confirmation letters/cards.  I've even gotten familiar with Microsoft Office, starting out operating a database, and began deciphering other people's work to learn how to create my own.  I became very proficient with the MS Office Package, building Database Interfaces, Excel Worksheets, and interactive documents of various kinds.  Loss of data almost shut down our department, but I managed to build a database interface to make up for the loss of a critical program.  In the following day, I took it upon myself to look at the vb code for the same program in it's infancy,  (over a year out of date) and realized VB is only slightly different than AccessVB, and was able to bring the program up to date, fully functional, and was able to streamline the interface to reduce login times from 4-8 hours, to 1-3 hours.  I even taught the College kids a few things, even those with degrees.  Though I learned by reading from the work of very skilled programmers and coders, and owe them a ton of thanks.  Teamwork really helps out when you communicate and don't compete.