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Welcome to - site under complete overhaul.  ALL files will be left where they are, so that all previous links work.
it's mainly a graphical overhaul.  After doing I felt it was time to rework my own.  Some links may not work yet, as I am building pages one at a time, and the graphics may be different from page to page, depending on my mood.


(Organized) find a four-socket sword?  click Swords, and scroll down the 4-socket listing for swords.  Find a 5 socket bow?  click BOWs and scroll through the 5-socket runewords for them. SO much easier to find what you can make with the items you find.
The Horadric Cube

Crafted Items
Set Items

Leveling info

1-15 norm Trist Runs
15-20 Tomb Runs
20-25 Chaos Runs
25-50 Baal Runs
50-60 Go to nightmare, do Chaos Runs
60-65 Baal Runs
65-85 Hell Baal Runs

25-30 cows suggested?

1-15 tristram
15-20 tomb
20-25 cows
25-45 Norm Baal runs
45-65 Nightmare Baal runs
65+ Hell Baal runs