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Welcome to - site under complete overhaul.  ALL files will be left where they are, so that all previous links work.
it's mainly a graphical overhaul.  After doing I felt it was time to rework my own.  Some links may not work yet, as I am building pages one at a time, and the graphics may be different from page to page, depending on my mood.

This is where you will find my Fallout New Vegas Mods.

Some were created because I felt something was missing or should be able to be done a specific way.


W3_repair_mod for Fallout 3 has been reworked for Fallout New Vegas.
this allows you to use the wrench, hammer and various other items to repair items in the game.
The Repair Kits seem to repair about 25%, wrenches and the like seem to do about 12% (it all varies with your Repair Skill).